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Advantage of microfiber
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Why Microfiber cloth is so effective for cleaning and toweling?

- Fine Fibres

  • Microfibres penetrate into surfaces at a finer level than normal fibres removing higher levels of dirt
    and grease whilst and creating a larger overall surface area 40 times greater than that of a regular
    fiber due to weakening the uprightness of the fibres. And it creates Static electricity, like a magnet,
    polyester and polyamide which has a natural positive electric charge that will attract the negatively
    charged dust, dirt, pollen, mite, more over clean at a microscopic level such as bacteria, so that
    chemical use is reduced or not required giving environmental savings through the reduction in
    chemicals released into the environment.


- Capillary Power

  • This is created because of the millions of uneven fibers created during the splitting process,
    which makes the products absorb extremely well (seven times its own weight in water ).
  • When used damp the extremely fine fibres create a capillary effect within the cloth sucking up
    and holding liquid/dirt from the surface into the inner fibres of the cloth.
  • Although the products may be the same size the actual surface area of Microfibres is much larger.
    As microfibres are so fine, the surface of the product is increased and the area for storing dirt and
    grease through capillary action is far greater than in traditional products.
  • With the effect of capillary action ‘sucking’ the dirt/moisture from the surface the dirt and grease
    is retained within the fibres and only minute particles are released back onto the surface – removing
    the need for a second drying pass (evaporate it). Dries in 1/3 the time of ordinary cleaning towels.
  • The sharp edges of millions of these fibers cut through dried-in stains, attracting and absorbing dirt
    and micro-particles, enabling the fiber to clean and polish at the same time, eliminating the need for
    additional chemical cleansers. Therefore, only water is needed as a detergent to clean any type of surface.
  • All of these advantage make microfiber product last so long it far outweigh the cost difference to Cotton
    cleaning cloth or cotton mop.