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Life tips for Towels :
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  1.Towel dark than light-colored high cost, light-colored towels and durable than the dark.
   Dark because of the high cost, which is the input of  chemicals, dyeing time is higher.
   So the fiber damage to large. And the deeper the color fastness worse. Children's best
   to use light in color. Do not buy with embroidered towels.

2. Wet towel towel easily than dry rot, susceptible to bacteria.

3. Use a long time hardening occurs.

4. Why not after some water-absorbent towel up? Some touched the towel, the water
    would have done? The new non-absorbent towel is not that bad quality or not cotton towel,
   because the towel treatment process, using an adjuvant: This thing is a kind of liquid softener,
   towels from the inside over what will become very soft . It has two: one is the water absorption;
   one is non-hygroscopic. Naturally, you will know in front of the problem.

5. Non-absorbent products particularly bright color, like a layer of oil coated show the same;
    therefore, when you want to buy absorbent  towel, then thin towel very bright,  is non-absorbent friends.

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