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Microfiber Car Care Towels
400GSM Luxury long/short pile microfiber car cleaning towels
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Products Descriptions:

Product name :microfiber long and short pile towel

Specifications : 

Material: 80% Polyester ,20% Polyamide
Size: 40cm x 40cm, 40cm x 60cm
Weight : 300gsm.
Color:sent random

100% brand new and Thicken higher quality
Used to care, clean and wash your car
Great water absorb ability
Would not make any worn or damage in the cleaning process
Very lightweight and portable to bring it anywhere
Great to use in washing, drying, waxing/polishing your car, boat,motorcycle, washing TV screen/computer screen etc
Provide superior quickly drying and amazing softness

Product show :


Folded Long/short pile Microfiber towels : 

1) 90,000 fibers per square inch lifts and holds dust, dirt, grease and spills


2) Dusts, washes and dries


3) Cleans with or without chemicals


4) Cleans and details wheels, interiors and car finish


5) Lint-free, streak-free cleanups


6) Nonabrasive: won't scratch paint or clear coat


7) Absorbs eight times its own weight


8) Advanced Microfiber cleaning technology


9) Drys in half the time of a regular cotton towel


10) Rinse and reuse 100's of times